Providing public policy consulting services to clients in the public sector such as ministries and regional governments in formulating policies related to goods and services procurement projects in order to accelerate the implementation of procurement of government goods/services


We provide quality research results with methods and analysis that are right on target. Our advantages in providing integrated solutions as a valid and reliable follow-up process are supported by the right design and research methodology, a reliable research team and adequate supporting facilities.

Capacity Building & Training

Our trainers are trainers who have a high track record in the field of training to managers and staff for the supply of goods and services. The training we provide is modern, creative and innovative. We also guarantee the progress capacity of individuals procurement managers and staff in each training.


In each of its activities, PT Alatan Asasta Indonesia always assigns qualified experts who have proven through work experiences and expertise and have extensive insight and are oriented towards meeting the needs of clients, government and society.


PT Alatan Asasta Indonesia is a company that provides consulting, research, institutional development and management services. Improving the quality of performance and training that has strong principles and can be trusted in providing satisfactory services based on applicable moral values.

Service Excellence

PT Alatan Asasta Indonesia strives very well to provide excellent service to clients, namely the best service to meet expectations and needs as expected by the client. Excellent service to these clients is a must and a main goal for our TEAM.

Impact Oriented

PT Alatan Asasta Indonesia is impact oriented, that is, as an open company that provides consulting services, research, institutional and management development, human resource quality improvement, and training. In this case, our TEAM will make efforts to improve and change towards progress in the public and private sectors, for the sake of a better Indonesia.

Alatan Indonesia provides consulting, research, institutional development and management services.

Why Us?

PT Alatan Asasta Indonesia has a solid TEAM, with good quality experience in collaboration with local governments, central government ministries/agencies and with international institutions. The services we offer are professional, integrity, excellent service, and have an impact on Indonesia’s progress.

Public Policy Consultant
Institutional and Management Development

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