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Our team is consisted of human resources with integrity, professionalism, experience, and are committed to contributing to making Indonesia better through our best services.

Our specialization

Public Policy Consultant
Institutional and Management Development

Core Services

  • Consultancy Services

    Alatan Asasta Indonesia is a company that provides a professional team of experts to support the government, non-profit and private institutions in achieving the objectives of their institutions by providing consultation services in the areas of Policy and Regulatory Analysis and Formulation, strategic planning, Monitoring-Evaluation, Capacity Building and Strengthening Government Institutions and Strengthening the Government Management System.

    1.  Public policy

    Providing consultancy services including conducting studies, analysis and formulation of policies that will result in revisions or formulations of policies formalized through regulations (central and regional governments). This includes providing consultation services for policy advocacy (round table policy) in ensuring that each policy can be formulated as expected. Preparation of Road Map, Ministry/Institution/Regional Government Strategic Plan, and monitoring and evaluation of each policy / program.

    2. Organizational Development and Management

    Organizational development and management are important keys in improving government services that are effective and efficient. Alatan Asasta Indonesia provides consultancy services for system development and management including: institutional study and formulation, assessment and capacity development planning, system improvement and organizational management, Business process preparation, function assignments and SOPs and institutional performance measurement.

  • Research

    Alatan Asasta Indonesia has researchers who are reliable in their fields. The research services provided include evaluative studies or generating policy innovations in various substances and levels of government. The research in question can be qualitative such as rapid assessment and quantitative such as surveys and so forth.

  • Capacity Building & Training Program

    As one of the government capacity building and expertise activities, PT Alatan Asasta also provides training activities supported by a team of trainers who are certified both nationally and internationally. The training activities carried out are divided into two main categories, namely training that already has a standard in the form of modules and curriculum as well as needs-based training (tailor made) which is prepared based on training needs analysis (training need analysis)

    Types of training that can be supported at this time:

    • Training in the field of procurement of goods and services in collaboration with government institutions (LKPP)
    • Training in the field of policy formulation using the RIA (Regulatory Impact assessment) method
    • Training of government managerial skills
    • Training on how to build a logical framework for the preparation of the government’s Strategic Plan